Phone Service
When customers have problems or failures in equipment, they can first request support and guidance by phone. After confirming the customer's service request, the customer service department will arrange technical personnel to help the customer locate the fault by phone within the specified time, and propose a solution, and finally guide the customer to solve the problem or eliminate the equipment failure.
Field Servic
If the technical failure of the equipment cannot be solved by telephone service, and after negotiation between the two parties, it is determined that on-site troubleshooting is required. The customer service department assigns engineers to go to the site to analyze the cause of the failure within the promised time, formulate a troubleshooting plan, and finally eliminate the failure.
Online Service
Besides phone and field services, online service is also available. We’re able to provide users with quick communication and online answers to questions through WhatsApp, WeChat and other instant communication tools, thereby greatly improving service efficiency and quality.
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